6 Places to Sell your Website

6 Places to Sell your Website

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We often start a blog to share information - personal or on a specific niche. We nurture it with passion and treat it like our own baby. But there comes a time when we don't have time to work on it anymore or just lose interest in doing what we once loved to. So what can we do when we come across a difficult situation like this? You can't just let it die, would you?

Perhaps, its time to sell your blog without wasting anytime before it drops in popularity. For some, this may look hypothetical but its true you can sell your blog and I'll tell you how. 


List of marketplaces to sell your website or domain name:

1. Flippa: is the largest marketplace to buy or sell websites. As a buyer, you will be amazed to see how many top websites are listed on Flippa and even more amazed to see their price. You can list your blog here for $19 with a 5% success fee.

Flippa has built a strong reputation in the recent past for its strong verification features where a user's authenticity is given top priority and that's why it has over 200,000 registered users to date. You just need to register, offer a starting price and a 'Buy it Now' price. Buyers start bidding and if you are happy with the bid price- just deal! Flippa is a standard marketplace and the best one in the lot. Even the famous Facemash.com owned by Mark Zuckerberg was sold on Flippa for $30,000.

2. WebsiteBroker.com: You can deal with sites as well as domain names on websitebroker.com. A nominal fee of $9.95 is charged for standard listing and $29.95 for premiere listing which offers more exposure of your website to buyers. Listing is valid for 90 days.

3. NamePros.com: Namepros has many established websites listed in its directory and also has a very high traffic stats. Its basically a forum where you earn reputation points for posting your opinions and advices. You can list your blog here and market it in forum topics to get more exposure. The claim to have sold 100,000 sites as of now. This place is good for those interested in domain business.

4. BuySellWebsite.com: has 3 categories - established, new start-ups and domain names. Established websites cost $39 for a 2-week listing or $59 for a 3-month listing. The interface looks tidy with easy to navigate options.

5. DealaSite.com: allows you to list your site for free. Although, the interface doesn't look promising its still a good place to sell.

6. SiteViper.com: This site basically aggregates 'For Sale' websites or domain names at one place, so you don't have to search different sites. However, I don't think it pulls in all the details comprehensively.

You can utilize them to start your own buy and sell business and become a professional domainer. That was just a thought, by the way.

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