21 Do-Follow Forums To Get Backlinks

21 Do-Follow Forums To Get Backlinks

dofollow backlinksBuiling backlinks is one of the serious issues bloggers face. It's really difficult initially, without knowing a proper source of backlinks. Forums are places where you can easily get some good incoming links, and they are search engine favorites too. So these are some of the forums where you can get those precious do follow backlinks.

Participate in discussions, with time you will find your blog climbing up the serps.

1. http://www.googlecommunity.com/forum/
2. http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums
3. http://forums.seochat.com
4. http://www.highrankings.com/forum
5. http://forums.digitalpoint.com/
6. http://www.webmasterforumsonline.com/
7. http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/
8. http://forums.seroundtable.com/
9. http://www.websitebabble.com/
10. http://www.siteownersforums.com/
11. http://www.webmasterforums.com
12. http://www.webmaster-talk.com/
13. http://www.australianwebmaster.com
14. http://ukseoforums.com
15. http://webforumz.com
16. http://www.webmasterforums.biz/
17. http://www.webmastershelp.com
18. http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com
19. http://www.webcosmoforums.com
20. http://forums.teneric.co.uk
21. http://www.zymic.com/forum/


  1. superb blog thank u very much for your valuabl infomation
    Windows | Mac | Alihaz.com

  2. Can you believe i have register on most of them and using them now. great share man

  3. I think most of them have made no-follow tag. But I think still, working with no-follow tag backlinks would give some points.
    Thanks bro for giving those forum links

  4. Thanks but don't forums count for very little in the Google algorithm. Google automatically excludes many of the top forums from counting as people just use it this way. You need to think like Google. For example if you advertise your company at the profile signature of the forums... Ofcourse google will ignore that link.

    But if you recommend some website in a forum, it should count for more right?

    1. You're right... However, you shouldn't consider backlinks as a way to boost your search rankings. Backlinks from reputed forums also help increase your blog's search indexing rate. New content quickly gets indexed on search engines. We should look at the overall impact it has on your blog.


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