Work at Home Job Opportunities with Quicktate

Work at Home Job Opportunities with Quicktate

Here's a website that offers work at home jobs for anyone with a pair of headphones and Internet connection.
make money at quicktate

If you have recently been looking for genuine job opportunities in audio transcription than I suggest you go for Quicktate.

Primary jobs involves transcribing audio messages, memos averaging 1-2 minutes in length. The best part about audio transcription or any work at home jobs for that matter is you can choose your own work hours without any restrictions and be your own boss.

Quicktate Requirements:

As a transcriber you need to be accurate in spelling, grammar and punctuations, since its a primary requirement. If you can't follow their instructions properly you better not try it.

Signing up on Quicktate is quick and easy. Go to and fill out the registration form without any mistakes or typos. These guys are very selective and may reject your application if it looks spammy. You need to take a quiz before being approved as a member. Once you're done, you'll receive an email if you're approved. However, you need to shell out $15 for a background verification check run by QT. If you're really committed, $15 shouldn't be a big deal...

Transcription jobs are very much in demand and companies require people on a regular basis. So you won't run out of money making opportunities. You can easily make $500-$1000 or more per month depending on how much time you're willing to spend. All you need is a decent pair of headphones, an Internet connection and good typing/hearing abilities to make a living - I guess you have it all.

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