What is Threadless?

What is Threadless?

We all have that funny character inside us, don't we? Why not put that into work at Threadless and make some money?
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Threadless is an e-commerce website founded by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart. More than just a website its an online community of artists and designers who contribute in making the site what it is.


How Threadless works?

Designers create and submit designs and slogans which are then voted by other members. The designs which receive the highest number of votes at the end of the week are chosen for printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pull-overs and other products. These products are sold through the online store and a few retail stores.


What do you get?

If your submitted design is selected for printing, you get $2000 in cash and additional Threadless gift vouchers worth $500. A winning slogan gets $500 in cash.

In case, your design gets reprinted you get another $500 and it continues each time its reprinted.

Apart from that your designs stand a chance to win Bestee Awards - Designer of the year, Slogan of the year etc. Winning here could alone make you rich (kind of), how? Well, Bestee Award winners receive $22,500 in cash and some more amazing gift prizes. So bring out the designer inside you and keep the cash machine rolling.


Is it that simple?

I don't think so. Everyone would have been doing that otherwise. There are over thousand designs submitted each day. Keeping that figure in mind the task seems difficult. However, its a cake walk if your designs or slogans are good enough to stand out in the crowd. People vote for the winning art(Democracy), and that makes the decision fair.

Apart from making money, you can buy Threadless products. They are durable and made of high quality materials.

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