Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Useful Gmail Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Here's a list of few Gmail tricks and tips to let you send and receive mails more efficiently.
gmail tips and tricks to email more efficiently

1. Did you know that the Dots in your Gmail email don't matter?

Say if your email address is If I send an email to or it will reach "".

2. Trick to undo Sent email

You sent an email and suddenly realized that you haven't attached a file, or you inadvertently clicked send. Don't worry gmail lets you undo sent mails.

To enable this feature Go to Settings -> Labs -> Undo Send (enable it) -> Save changes.

3. Don't know how to insert images alongside text in an email?

Go to Settings -> Labs -> Inserting Images, and enable it.

You can either drag & drop an image from your computer or click "Insert Images" icon in compose mode to add images.

4. Confused between Legit and Spam mails?

Many times users are tricked with phishing mails that appear to be from genuine companies like Paypal, Amazon or from any bank. Users often fall for these honey traps and give out private information.

Here's a tip to figure out which mails are really genuine.

Go to Settings -> Labs -> "Authentication icon for verified senders" and enable it.

Now if you receive a genuine email from Paypal, it would have a small key icon next to the sender's name.

5. Like using keyboard shortcuts all the time?

You can compose an email, send it, forward it, add recipient name, mark as read, delete etc... without using your mouse. Keyboard Shortcuts

6. You may find these tools useful

Rapportive - It lets you see the social profile of your email contact.

Find Big Mail - Helps in finding emails that are taking up large space in your gmail account.

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