Use CafePress to Sell your own Custom Products

Use CafePress to Sell your own Custom Products

Have a business in mind? Selling t-shirts and other merchandise is not a bad idea. CafePress is a website that allows you to do just that without any inventory or materials involved. They basically give you a virtual storefront to sell custom products. You can either upload your own designs or use theirs.
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The best part is the products are produced on demand, so you don't have to worry about inventory.

Why CafePress?

1. Already established website - you don't have to buy hosting and domain name to start an online store.
2. Large Traffic - CP stores get plenty of traffic saving your time when compared with a self hosted online store. You don't have to twist your neck in SEO to get ranked in Google.
3. Over 250 plus products to sell
4. No production cost, no printing cost and no shipping cost.
5. No upfront cost to open the store unless you opt for premium shops.
6. You set the markup cost - so you know what you earn from each sale.

With all the good things, few bad things are complimentary.

What does CafePress get in return? 

Sales!! CP does not compromise on its profits.

Lets give you an example:  Say you put a long sleeve T-shirt for sale whose base price is $18(set by CP). You can add a markup price of $5 (any figure) and make the t-shirt available for a total price of $23. Now when a sale takes place - you get $5 and CP gets $18.

You're also entitled to receive monthly bonuses depending on your sales.

The basic account has a few limitations like you can only display a set number of items on your store and the store isn't really fully customizable. However, you can opt for a premium account and showcase unlimited items on a customizable shop.
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Making money on could be a challenge as there are thousands of such CP stores out there giving stiff competition. But if you've good design skills and a great eye for detail with amazing business acumen than it should be a big deal. You should give it a shot, after all its free of cost.

There are members who make a decent living off of CP sales, however, there are these other members(majority) who don't get much in return. The reason could be market saturation as there are CP stores everywhere. You can take that as a challenge and produce new/unique designs and promote your products as much as possible.

There's no problem in trying something that's free of cost. Why not try it -  you might get lucky. And btw you're not responsible for anything - its CafePress.

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