Tips to Buy Stock Photos and Save Money

Tips to Buy Stock Photos and Save Money

buy and sell stock photosFinding high quality photos isn't a difficult task as there are hundreds of Microstock photography sites out there. But getting them at the right price could get tedious.

People often try to get all their designs/images from one stock photography site to cut down their search, which could be little expensive. Doing a small research before buying stock photos could save you some money.

Following are some tips:

Tip 1: Its essential not to buy overused images. After all, you're paying for it. Google images can help you determine most common images.

Visit any stock photography site of your choice and download the thumbnail image of a photograph or vector graphic. Upload it on Google images and search. Now click "More Sizes" - if too many images popout you know that the image is commonly used.

Tip 2: Unless a photographer opts to sell photographs exclusively to one microstock website, he can sell it on other sites as well. That means the same image could be available on other sites at different prices. You won't find any price comparison sites for stock photos, but Google can help you out again.

Find an image and copy its description from the microstock site. Now go to Google and paste it in double quotes. To make things easier select "Sites with images" from "More Search Tools".

You should manually check each site for a better deal. This could easily save you lots of money if your target budget is high. On the other, if you're working on a relatively low budget design project - "A penny saved is a penny earned".

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