Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Review

Its basically a website that lets you earn money in the form of swagbucks for doing tasks such as reading emails, playing games etc. Its primarily a search engine that pays you to search unlike Google and Bing. You just have to download their toolbar and use it for online search.

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Can you really make money on Swagbucks?

Well, it depends. People perceive it differently. Some use it completely as a search engine and take the consolation prizes as bonus. But there are those who go all out to make money on SB. These users do all the tasks, use SB search engine to earn more points, play games and take survey on a regular basis.

Out of these two type of users, the former benefits more, why? Well, this user uses Swagbucks toolbar to do his regular search without expecting to make money, plays games just for fun and eventually reaps rewards in the form of Amazon Gift Cards. So he is busy doing his regular work without wasting time. However, the second type mainly uses the site as a source of income and relies completely on it to make a living which is foolish.

A website whose whole purpose is to offer search and online entertainment services cannot make you rich. The wages paid on SB are one of the least compared with any similar site.

Relying on Swagbucks to make money would be completely foolish. You can't just quit your day job to earn on SB, can you? Instead of looking at it as an income resource, look at it as a bonus money for using their search engine.

The whole point of Swagbucks is to promote their products i.e, search engine. They can't really compete with Google or Bing the reason why they pay to search.

Conclusion: This review was only to make you think sensibly :)

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