Payperpost paid review site: Monetize your blog

Payperpost paid review site: Monetize your blog

In this post, I'll discuss about a popular paid review site - Payperpost. As a blogger, it is essential to monetize your blog content to create a long term income stream. There are lot of factors that decide the success of your blog or website, the key factors are - quality content, backlinks, pagerank and traffic. If your website has all of them , then you're already in a better position to make money.

Payperpost paid review site

There are numerous ways to monetize your blog - CPC/CPM advertising, affiliate marketing, direct ads and writing paid reviews. Payperpost falls into the last category.

Payperpost connects advertisers with bloggers. These advertisers basically promote products and services by paying bloggers to write about them on their blogs. You as a blogger simply have to write an honest but slightly positive review without exaggerating and get paid for it.

How does Payperpost site work?

First of all, you need to signup on and become a registered member. Next claim your blog and wait for leads(potential offers), which lets the advertisers know that you are interested in their offer. You can negotiate the price if you aren't happy with the offer price. Once the deal is fixed, write an article about the product and send it back to the advertiser for approval. You get paid as soon as its approved.

The amount of money you can make depends on your blog's popularity. A popular blog can demand for a higher pay rate per post. You decide the minimum cost per post, and its important to keep it low initially until you start getting leads that convert into offers.

Please don't register if your blog does not get enough daily traffic, you will waste time. But if your website is high ranked and receives sizable daily hits, you can easily make $10 - $200 per review.

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