Ipsos I-Say Review: Is it worth trying?

Ipsos I-Say Review: Is it worth trying?

Ipsos survey reviewThere are hundreds of survey sites found on the Internet today most of them are scams - I really won't discuss about them here. Ipsos I-say is not a scam site and has been around for quite sometime.

The company offers some of the highest paying surveys with some going as high as $100(rare to find though). They have a bunch of reliable brands in their kitty as well.

People often tend to be suspicious when it comes to survey sites and I-say wouldn't be an exception. Its very important to know the internal workings of such sites before registering to avoid misuse of your personal information and being flooded with spam mails. I don't get paid to review these sites neither do I write paid reviews. All I try to do is bring forth genuine income sources to you. Spend 2 minutes here and you will go back adding another source of income.

What does Ipsos I-Say do?

Big companies require consumer opinions to better target their products and services which also helps them identify any flaws if any. Clearly, these companies will be left in the dark if there aren't any active feedbacks coming from consumers which means no room for improvement. That could lead to huge losses and companies don't like that.

Ipsos I-Say acts as a medium by connecting third party companies with consumers. In return they receive a percentage of money you make(not bad).

The site has consistent flow of new surveys to keep you relatively busy. As a member, you can make anything between $5 - $100 per completed survey($100 one's are rare but do exist).

The website relies on points system to reward users - similar to other competing sites. The earned points can be redeemed for cash or gift prizes.

Ipsos has been around for over 10 years and doing well. Its ranked amongst the top 10 survey sites across the globe (calling it a scam would be foolish). Hopefully you will utilize this source to make more money

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