iPhone and Android Tip : Zoom the entire screen

iPhone and Android Tip : Zoom the entire screen

Sometimes its hard to read and figure out the tiny characters and icons on an iPhone or Android device, what to say if the display size is smaller than average found today.

We all are aware of the pinch zoom feature which could be used on a web page or an image. But I'm sure many of you aren't aware of this feature: The entire screen of an iPhone or Android phone can be zoomed regardless of what app you're in, including the main screen.

Here's how you enable this feature:

apple iphone tipOn an iPhone -

1. Go to Setting -> Accessibility -> Zoom, and switch it to "On".
2. Now all you have to do is double tap on the screen using three fingers at once. And voila, zoom!
3. You can pan around as you normally do with a single fingertip.
4. The magnification level can be adjusted double-tapping and holding the display with 3 fingertips -> drag the fingertips upwards(increase magnification) or downwards(decrease magnification).
5. Just double-tap on the screen again to go back to normal view. That simple.
Why not try some games using this feature?

On an Android Phone -

1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures -> Switch to "On".
android tip to zoom screen
2. Now, with one finger triple tap the home screen. Zooooooom!!
3. Panning around the screen requires using 3 fingertps at once.
4. You can increase or decrease magnification using pinch zoom gesture.
5. Enough? Just triple tap to go back to normal view.

The latest android version allows temporary magnification - triple tap and hold/move to pan around the screen. Lifting the finger takes you back to normal.

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