How to update Android apps automatically

How to update Android apps automatically

Tired of those annoying app update notifications on your phone? Well, if you're using a relatively new Android phone, you can easily set apps to silently update in the background. The only time you'll be annoyed again is when an app requires additional permissions to access new information on your android phone.
how to update android apps automatically

Follow these steps and let things happen automatically:

1. Open the PlayStore app on your phone by tapping on the PlayStore icon or by simply using voice command on Google search's microphone(little fun).

2. Tap on the menu button towards the top-right corner (3 dots menu) and then settings.

3. Tap on "Auto-update apps" option in the General section and choose an option.
    "Do not auto-update apps" - gives you manual control.
    "Auto-update apps at any time" - let android update all your apps.
    "Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only" - if you don't want to be billed for cellular data charges.

That was simple! Now, your cellphone will automatically update apps without disturbing you.

You can also keep track of which android apps were updated by going back to Settings menu and checking the Notifications feature.

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