How to Make Money on InfoBarrel?

How to Make Money on InfoBarrel?

Having good writing skills can help you create a more dependable source of passive income online. All you need to do is write some awesome content and keep writing.
How to Make Money on InfoBarrel?

Today, I'll share another great revenue sharing website InfoBarrel to help you make more money.

InfoBarrel is basically a revenue sharing website where users post articles and earn from advertisements placed on the same page. Its just like a blog with a twist. The best part about IB is that you don't have to worry about bringing traffic, getting backlinks or SEO. You earn when a visitor clicks on ads. A certain percentage goes to IB for being so nice to us.

How do I start?

Well, become a member by registering on their website and start creating some awesome content. Of course, the articles you submit will be reviewed by IB staff for approval. You can choose to write about varying topics such as art, culture, music, business and technology etc. The more you write the more you earn.

Once you successfully submit 10 articles, you qualify to be a pre-approved writer. That means you don't have to wait for your articles to be approved before publishing.

How do you make money on InfoBarrel? What's the deal?

IB gives you 75% revenue share earned from adsense. Yes, you'll be placing adsense ads - 75% visitors will see your ads and 25% of the times IB ads will be displayed. When a visitor clicks on your ads you make money, simple!! That's not all, you also receive a high authority backlink in return(isn't that double bonanza?)

Unlike blogs, with InfoBarrel you can purely concentrate on writing quality content. IB takes care of SEO and traffic generation, so you don't stress much.

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