How to Find a Person based on the Email Address

How to Find a Person based on the Email Address

Have you ever thought of locating a person just by knowing his email address? Many people are scammed each day through fraudulent/phishing emails and finding where they are could be the first step in nabbing them. You might also try this just for fun.

The easiest method to do this is to just go to Google and type that persons email address. Well, I said its the easiest method not the most efficient one. You know what that means...

Few tips to help you find that fake/anonymous sender:

1. Locate the person

trace route IP lookup

If you check the header of an email address, you'll see the IP address after "Received:". Copy and paste that number here Trace Route.

This will give you a rough approximation of the location. You should be good with that.

2. Search on Facebook

facebook search
With over 1 billion users, Facebook should make your search fairly easy. The sender email is more likely to be registered on Facebook, better not miss this one. Another advantage of FB is it also allows you to find people by email addresses.

If you succeed in locating the sender, make sure you download the profile image. It is more likely that this person may have used the same profile image on other social networks. Now go to Google Images and click on the small camera icon(reverse image search). This way you can find more about our not-so-anonymous sender.

3. Peep into other Social Networks

There are websites like Knowem  which help you find out if a matching profile exists on any social networks.

If you get hold of the sender's username on a particular social site, use it to find more about him. Knowem comes handy here.

4. Try People Search

If everything else fails, give a shot to these sites Spokeo  and Pipl. These websites have a comprehensive database of people which also includes the whois of a domain name.

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