14 Useful Internet Tricks you should know

14 Useful Internet Tricks you should know

Life without Internet would have been impossible in today's fast paced world. And knowing some of the common and not so common tricks could make things a little more easier.
useful internet tricks and tips

Useful Internet Tricks and Tips:

1. You can minus out some search results by including the minus sign(-) followed by the keyword.

For Example: Robert Pattinson -Kirsten Stewart will return everything related to Robert Pattinson minus Kirsten Stewart.

2. You may sometimes want to access few websites without being tracked and leave any footprints on your browser. Cntrl+Shift+p for Firefox and Cntrl+Shift+N for Chrome should keep you off the records. This incognito trick is very handy for private folks - protecting you from cookies, search data etc.

3. Tired of too many deadlines and unable to meet one on time? Corrupt A File  will help you to - well, corrupt a file. You can tell your boss that you did all that hard work, but the file's malfunctioning.

4. Finding the meaning of a word on Google could get lot easier if you prefix it with "define:".

5. You don't have to explicitly prefix "www." and suffix ".com" to an URL in the address bar. Simply enter the website name and press Cntrl+Enter.

6. Did you know the AROUND feature for searching in Google? Well, it lets you find words in a webpage or an article which are apart by a specified amount of words. E.g. Find something about "Mahatma Gandhi" and "Satyagraha" within the specified(25) words of each other, it should be:

"Mahatma Gandhi" AROUND(25) "Satyagraha".

7. If you're amongst those guys who often accidentally closes browser tabs then you should get acquainted with Cntrl+Shift+T to reopen those closed tabs on Google Chrome.

8. If you hate lifting your hand to toggle between open tabs then pressing Cntrl+Tab will help you easily switch between tabs.

9. Don't like watching those YouTube ads before your videos? Adblock Plus  should make you happy.

10. You're amongst one those who keeps researching online and often have to register on many websites eventually being flooded with spam mails. So having a disposable email could be a life saver. 10 Minute Mail  does just that.

11. Finding books isn't that difficult on Google, however, getting the right file type such as PDF could keep you busy. This Internet trick could save some time - Harry Potter filetype:PDF

12. Don't have a sharp eye sight? Cntrl+ or Cntrl- lets you increase or decrease text size respectively.

13. If you spend majority of your time on shopping sites than here's a trick that works most of the time. Buy a few products and leave them in the cart for a day. These sites often lure customers with discount codes when they find a potential customer.

14. Trying to edit PDF's on the go? pdfescape.com lets you edit and modify PDF files in the browser.

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