11 Useful Emails When You don't have Access to Internet

11 Useful Emails When You don't have Access to Internet

Are you in a situation where you can't access the Internet? But have a small possibility of sending and receiving an email? How about I show you some ways to help you read websites, upload a photo/video, convert documents and much more without an Internet connection.
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Here's a list of email addresses that could turn out to be life savers:

1. wsmith@wordsmith.org – Sending a blank email to this address could help you get the dictionary meanings of a word. Of course, the subject line is important - something like this "define any-word"

2. ..@photos.flickr.com - Ever thought of uploading a photograph without quite uploading it? Well, this email address lets you instantly upload images to Flickr photo gallery. Ensure that the subject line and email body are carefully written as they will be treated as your photographs Title and Description respectively.

3. e@xpenser.com - This one lets you record your travel expenses at any given point of time.

4. pdf@koolwire.com - You need to convert a Word document or an image to a PDF file? Just send that file as an email attachment to the above address and you will soon receive a PDF file in your inbox.

5. pdf2txt@adobe.com – At times when you don't have access to a PDF reader a text file could be handy. Shoot an email with pdf attachment to this address and receive a text file.

6. upload@upload.slideshare.net - Send a quick mail with your PowerPoint ppt's or PDF documents to this address to have them shared as web presentations on slideshare.net.

7. …@mms.youtube.com
– This one lets you to easily upload video clips to YouTube website without any Internet connection.

8. go@blogger.com - If you're a blogger user, you may want to post pictures and blog entries without having to access blogger.com.

9. www@web2mail.com – Shoot an email with the website's URL in the Subject Line and you'll receive a copy almost instantly sent to your inbox. This one's most helpful when you're in a country where some websites are blocked.

10. pdf2html@adobe.com - Converts a PDF file to HTML version.

11. ..@prod.writely.com
– Upload documents or presentations to Google docs and access them from you cellphone.

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