11 Best Free iPhone Games you shouldn't miss

11 Best Free iPhone Games you shouldn't miss

Tired of playing those old boring games all the time? Or bought yourself a new iPhone and not sure which ones to try? Its not the best of ideas to jump straight to App store and download stuff randomly.

Here's a list of some of the best free games for iPhone:

1. Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2
Lets head for some real action with Contract Killer 2. You play the role of Jack Griffin who goes on various deadly missions. The game has international storyline with notoriously high profile targets. Upgrade Jack with silencers, body armor and other weapons to make him invincible.

2. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

robot unicorn attack 2 free
This dumb but mysterious mechanical steed will keep you amazed throughout the gameplay. The unicorn which is customizable has to run through beasts and other obstacles to make the longest possible run. The game has beautiful backdrops and a little funny aspect to it.

3. Frontline Commando: D-Day

frontline commando d-day
This one's built with some amazing graphical elements and sound effects. It will take you back to World War II where you will fight to take down occupation forces and take control of France. You probably will feel and experience a console based play.

4. Real Racing 3 free iPhone Game

Real Racing 3
Filled with thrilling races to pull you off your seats. A great collection of licensed cars and realistic tracks will keep you glued to your steering. Why spend on some of the best cars, when you can race everything for free?

5. Into the Dead for iPhone

Into the Dead for iOS
Endless runner games have become a bit repetitive in today's gaming world. However, Into the Dead promises to add a new twist to zombie encounters. Running into the foggy atmosphere you will come across horrifying zombies which are sure to offer brutal death. You can collect weapons on the way to reduce the after effects.

6. Extreme Road Trip 2

Extreme Road Trip 2
Want to be inside a speeding car that could drive you crazy all the while? Of course, it doesn't look amongst the best of games but its filled with addictive features. You're supposed to keep the car upright without crashing while you move across dangerous hills. Buying paid stuff could make things easy, but that takes away most of the fun, right?

7. Heroes of Order & Chaos

heroes of order and chaos free
This free multi-player game could make you count for each touch action. In Heroes of Order and Chaos you go all out in a team of 3 or 5 to destroy enemies and give your best to eventually bring them down.

8. Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower
Taking your Tiny Tower to new heights is the ultimate goal of this iPhone game. With its unique gameplay, you can stock stores with products and keep visitors busy in buying stuff. The money could be used to customize the tower. A very addictive game that keeps you engaged all the time to beat friends in the online arena.

9. SHADOWGUN: Deadzone

Shadowgun deadzone
Free games will never be the same again. It offers visually appealing and super soundings(my word) at no cost. Its an online multiplayer game that can be played in teams of up to 12 players at a time.

10. Zen Pinball free iPhone game

Zen Pinball
You have been playing Pinball since time immemorial, right? Try this one if you want to recreate your memories with a twist. Of course, its free but serious gamers can take out their wallets to buy and unlock more tables for more fun in return.

11. Solitaire blitz

Solitaire blitz
The game gives you 60 seconds to clear the deck of cards. You clear them by pairing in any order with other cards. Taking less time and securing combos could get you on top of the leaderboard.

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