10 Best Free Android Games on Zombies

10 Best Free Android Games on Zombies

Do you like killing the undead? Then why not look at some of the best zombie based killing android games?

1. Into the Dead

Into the dead
Run for your life in this addictive Zombie adventure game. You will have to dodge and kill herds of deadly zombies while you achieve mission objectives and unlock powerful weapons. Its filled with thrills which will scare you off all the time. Make sure you stay alive for as long as you can. The death is brutal and imminent.

2. Zombie Frontier 2: Survive

Zombie frontier 2
Get ready to kill dead people in this stunning graphical adventure. Amazing weaponry to help you annihilate blood thirsty zombies and save the world from the undead. Human race is at stake, can you be the saviour?

3. Zombie Highway android game

zombie highway android game
Another apocalypse and the world is filled with undead zombies waiting to feed on you. Keep racing towards the infinite end while run down the undead. This free game gives you numerous chances to unlock hi-tech weapons and make the killing more violent and brutal. Imagine driving a car on a highway filled with zombies flocking at you? Completely different experience.

4. Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A!

The glitzy Los Angeles has been invaded by hordes of zombies. Are you ready to take out the undead and save the city? Its time to slaughter the ugly with gruesome weapons and kick some *ss.

5. Zombie Evil free

evil game
Prevent the human race from being extinct in this thrilling android game. Save the planet from annihilation by using different weapons and smash apart the enemies. Its wipe-out time!

6. Contract Killer: Zombies

contract killer
This game may not be the latest in the lot, but its still needs you to protect civilians and rescue them from these undead zombies. Complete missions and gather various weapons like assault guns and grenade launchers and show the world what you're capable of. Remember, its head-shots that you need.

7. SAS: Zombie Assault 3

SAS zombie assault
Enjoy this top-down zombie shooter by going solo or in a 4 person squad. Hunt down the ugly bast**ds with devastating weapons and jump up the ranks.

8. Dead Shot Zombies 2

Taking head-shots should always be on your mind. That's how you deal with the walking dead with no brains. They are desperate to feed on you.

9. Hell Zombie android game

Hell Zombie on playstore
A zombie revolution is taking place and the castle needs a General to the fight against the merciless hordes of zombie attack. Rise up and be the killing machine. Awesome graphics and sound effects.

10. Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Defend your village as a samurai
This android game is filled with lots of fun and action at the same time. Protect your village from the zombies by making allies, acquiring powerful weaponry and blasting them off.

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