ImgEmbed - An Innovative Way to Monetize your Photographs

ImgEmbed - An Innovative Way to Monetize your Photographs

We all use stock photographs at some point, may it be free or paid.

use imgembed to monetize photographs

Today, I'll share a new marketplace ImgEmbed which allows you to monetize your photographs without losing the copyright or use any image from their website for free until that image reaches 10,000 impressions, after which you pay a specific amount per 1000 impressions.

ImgEmbed uses the CPM model(which I've discussed in my previous posts). Website owners will have to shell out money in order to use images on their website for every 1000 impressions after they exceed the initial quota of 10,000 impressions. The amount could be anywhere in between $1 to $10 per 1000 impressions.

So if you're a photographer or at the least have some very good photographs you can moetize them by submitting to ImgEmbed and wait for a popular website to use it. So what's the big deal? Say for instance, a popular website like HuffingtonPost (receives millions of pageviews per day) uses any of your photographs, you'd see the $$ counter rolling all the time. Making money wouldn't get any simpler, would it? All you need is original and quality images( that's the tough part unless you're a photographer).

You don't sell the image, you lend it(precisely) and that's called innovation with monetization.

If you have lots of images on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or any other website or photographs sitting dormant on your computer hard disk, just put them on ImgEmbed. You can either upload them or let the site pull out the images for you.

However, don't forget to add relevant tags to increase discoverability. If people don't find them, you won't make money.

The website also protects your work from copyright infringement by embedding code to track usage - which makes it safe.

Think you got it all?

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