Handy Windows Tools and Utilities that go Unnoticed

Handy Windows Tools and Utilities that go Unnoticed

Here's a list of a few handy tools and utilities to help you make your Windows computer more efficient. All are light-weight and supported on all Windows versions. We are sometimes so busy finding solutions that these tools go unnoticed.
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Unlocker lets you delete any locked file from your computer. Sometimes you may receive a "file is in use" popup while deleting it, that's when you use this utility.

This tool allows you to permanently delete a file from your computer. Any deleted file in Windows can be recovered even if you use Shift + Delete command. This tool makes that impossible.

Double Killer 
If you have too many duplicate files sitting useless in your computer than this one's for you. It removes all the duplicate files including images, audio and video files.

This utility lets you see all the processes on your computer that are accessing Internet and consuming bandwidth that slow down Internet speed.

Tired of the boring print-screen method? Well, TinyGrab lets you grab a quick screenshot of your desktop and put it online instantly.

This is by far the easiest method to upload files on the Internet. Droplr offers you a drop zone on the desktop where you can drop files, which immediately become available on the web. The public link is automatically copied to the clipboard.

Mouse Jiggler 
You're watching a movie and the screen enters "sleep mode", annoying isn't it? Mouse Jiggler creates fake mouse movements to keep your computer awake all the time.

This tool allows you to access emails offline. MailStore downloads all your emails on the computer.

It calculates the sunrise and sunset times of your Geo and accordingly adjusts the brightness and contrast of your display.

It allows you to resize windows just by holding ALT key and mouse clicks without having to reach the borders.

This tool literally converts your desktop into a whiteboard letting you to draw anything on the screen with virtual color pens.

Get rid of all the unnecessary programs consuming system memory at startup using Soluto. It increases system boot-up time.

If your computer has access to multiple users, you may want to lock access to some of your confidential files. LockBox does that efficiently.

Safehouse Explorer
Safehouse allows you to password-protect USB drives.

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