10 Best Websites that Pay You to Blog

10 Best Websites that Pay You to Blog

A blogger won't find it difficult to write articles as long as he enjoys the subject. However, if you're looking to make money from it - sponsors are needed. If your blog has decent traffic and you're seeking options to monetize your blog then paid review sites should be in your priority list.

pay you to blog

The best thing about them is that apart from earning you also keep your website updated with new content. Of course, the articles have to be honestly written to retain visitors.

Here's a list of 10 best websites that pay you to blog:

1. Sponsored Reviews
After registering, you're required to bid for articles and write reviews of different products and services.

2. Link Worth
There are thousands of products to be reviewed, pick the one that's relevant to your site content and get paid.

3. Review Me
You can earn anywhere between $10 - $200 per review.

4. PayPerPost
Its part of IZEA media that owns other popular networks like SponsoredTweets and Staree. You can easily make over $50 - $500 per month if you're really committed.

5. BuyBlogReviews
Choose from a varying range of topics to blog and make money.

6. About.com
You must be aware of this site. Be a guide on about.com and write instructional articles. They offer great pay rates.

7. SocialSpark
You receive leads initially. If you're happy with the pricing you can choose to write a sponsored post or negotiate for a better rate. Its part of IZEA media.

8. Blogvertise
Once you're approved to this network, your blog enters the assignment queue. Blogvertise then assigns writing tasks they want to see posted on your website.

9. Vertical Blogger
Get advertisers to sponsor your posts and get paid.

10. PayU2Blog
You just get paid to blog, lot of topics to choose from.

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