10 Best CPM Ad Networks to Monetize Your Blog

10 Best CPM Ad Networks to Monetize Your Blog

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Most ad networks pay anything upwards from $0.50 to $5 and higher which depends on the ad network. Basically, you earn that amount every time your blog receives thousand impressions.

For instance: if your blog gets 5000 impressions/day, and the CPM rate is $4 then you earn 4 x 5000/1000 = $20/day. However, if your blog is popular and receives millions of pageviews then you can probably imagine how much money you could make.

Here is a  list of 10 best CPM networks:

1. Google Adsense

2. Tribal Fusion

tribal fusion CPM

3. Casale Media
casale media

4. Advertising.com


5. Value Click

value click media

6. Adpepper

adpepper logo

7. Burst Media

burst media ads

8. Adtegrity


9. Vibrant Media

vibrant media

10. Gorilla Nation
gorilla nation

If you aren't happy with Cost-Per-Click(CPC) then you should definitely try one of these CPM networks for better results.

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  1. Adzonal is also a one of the best CPM ad network, I am working with them and I seeing good result. Try it


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