How to Add a Facebook Like Box to Blogger

How to Add a Facebook Like Box to Blogger

Here's a quick tutorial to help you add a Facebook Like Box to your Blogger blog. Its a nice way to attract more visitors and promote your blog on one of the most popular social networking site. However, you will need a Facebook page to have this working.

Facebook Like box plugin

Follow the steps below to add Facebook Like box to your blog:

1. Go to
Like Box properties

2. Add your Facebook Page url, plugin Width and Height.
3. Select Show Faces Checkbox.
4. Select Show Stream if you'd like to show the profile stream.
5. Click on Get Code and choose any option depending on your requirements - I chose iFrame

iFrame like box code

6. Copy the code.
7. Now login to your Blogger account.
8. From the Dashboard, go to Layout -> Click on 'Add a Gadget' and select HTML/JavaScript.
9. Paste the code.
10. Click on Save. Place the gadget wherever you need. And there you go!

You can customize the Like box plugin based on your blog requirements. And if you don't have an fb page, now is the time.


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