How Do I Get an Adsense Account Instantly

How Do I Get an Adsense Account Instantly

The topmost advertising network known today is Adsense. Every blogger wants to display these ads on their website, no matter what the reason. Even if it’s a new blog with a couple of posts, they straight away apply for adsense. But due to Google’s strict policies and quality guidelines not all blogs qualify for this program.
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How do I get an approved adsense account in less than 2-days?

Don’t worry I’ll share the secret and trust me, this one's a genuine and result oriented method without any black-hat techniques to trick Google. You don’t have to sweat while applying for an account or worry about rejections. I’m sure you guys may have applied for this program in the past and have been rejected several times for some silly reasons like pagetype and content etc. What makes you read this post is the simple fact of getting an approved adsense account after having failed in the past by following advices from top blogs. Now let’s get straight to the point.

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Signup for an account.

3. Now add at least two quality posts on hubpages. Of course, you can’t just copy and paste any post from your own blog or anywhere else – no duplicate content please. All published hubs are reviewed by hubpages staff to check for compliance with adsense policies. So be careful here, and don’t get your hub banned forever.

4. Once you publish two quality posts you’re ready to kick off with your application.

5. Go to Account ->Earnings -> Click ‘Get Started’ button next to Google Adsense.

6. Check the no radio Button (If you don’t have an account - you know sometimes people try to create multiple accounts - not a good idea at all).

7. Next you’ll have to enter your Gmail email id. If you don’t have, create one.

You’ll receive an email from Google requesting some more information and would be asked to click on the link in the email to finish setting up your Google adsense account.

Note: The approval time may vary depending on the number of applications on that day. Sometimes your account may get approved immediately within 24 hrs or it may take up to 4 days.

Upon completion, you will be redirected to the affiliate’s page. Fill in all the details. And once you see ads showing up on your hubs, you’re done.

How do I make Money from it?

You can login to your adsense account and use that code on any blogs or websites you want. If you’re a blogger user, just associate your ad account to it and add adsense page elements from the layout tab. That's it!! When a visitor clicks on your ads you make money.

That was pretty simple ain’t it? Google doesn’t review applications made for Hubs, since they are already reviewed by hubpages staff. You will also make money from your hubs if someone who visits it clicks on the ads.

I’ve come across bloggers who have given up blogging just because their adsense account was not approved after numerous applications. And it’s actually quite depressing to continue with so many rejections. That’s the reason I'm sharing this information, to help new bloggers continue blogging without any psychological barriers.


  1. hi friend i respect your ideas. but it is hard to publish a post in hubpages also. because Hubpage has hard rule to reviews the post.
    thank you for your great informaiton. i just joined in Hubpages also and wrote 3 Hubpages.

    1. If your hubs are approved, you won't have issues getting an adsense account. Original and unique content is the key to success in blogging. Good luck!!

  2. I have also good experience with hubpages and got quick Google Adsense approved. Thank you for sharing this post.

  3. This is great, i didn't know you could actually do that, i got one of my Adsense account disabled and i think this might the trick. thanks man

  4. This one works great. I got my adense account finally. Thanks man...

  5. i already try this trick and get success but after some day it automatically disapproval, how to get approve permanently???

    1. Bhavik,

      There is no way to get a permanent adsense account. You need to follow adsense guidelines.

  6. Why wouldn't a person just apply for Adsense
    Account through there Blogspot blog?
    Why go through Hubpages?

    1. There are many reasons why your adsense application may get rejected, I'll point out a few here:
      1. People often start a blog with one or two posts and apply for adsense.
      2. There are blogs with duplicate content out there.
      3. Blogs with junk content.

      You can't expect adsense staff to review each such blog. There are thousands of blogger blogs created each day. On the contrary, if your blog offers original and unique content you shouldn't have any problems applying from blogger itself.

      The above method is just a workaround for aspiring bloggers who think adsense alone is the way to make money.


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