Make Money Playing Games And Have Fun

Make Money Playing Games And Have Fun

Gaming is one of the best mood buster and we all love it. You can make money playing games online and its perhaps the most sought after ways today. If fact, the topic was featured on many top news channels some time back. You may not get rich overnight, but there are few who have managed to bag millions of dollars just doing so.
have fun playing games

The following sites pay you to play games:

1. SecondLife

This is actually not a game but a real world interpretation of life. What you own in this game belongs to you - may it be a piece of land which you can rent or sell, a shop or a house. You can also earn by taking a job as - an artist, salesman, singer, musician, programmer etc. You are paid in Linden dollars which is the in-game currency. 250 Linden Dollars = 1 USD which can be converted anytime.

One women has reportedly made 250 million Linden dollars in real estate business which is equal to $1million. Big companies like IBM and Sony have been utilizing this virtual world to conduct meetings and seminars saving a lot of time. You can do almost anything in this game that you would in real life to earn money without revealing yourself. Its called SecondLife for a reason.

2. BingoZone
A completely free to play site allowing power gamers to make a decent amount of money. There's every possibility of winning a game as they have new games starting every minute. Prizes start at $1 and go up until there's a winner. There are daily and weekly sweepstakes and I have personally seen guys winning $25, $100 and more on a daily basis. However, only US, Canada and UK citizens are eligible win cash prizes.

3. Exodus3000
Its a multi-player RPG strategy game taking a ride 1000 years into the future with all the graphical elements to jump you out of your seat. Focuses mainly on the concept when planet earth is inhabitable due to many catastrophic events.

You can earn mars dollars by attacking other players, searching for ruins and by exploring the planet etc. The exchange rate is 300,000 Mars Dollars = 20 USD, a good amount of money if you compare the hard work required to earn the same amount in other fields like blogging, data entry and so on. And all this while you have fun!

4. Pogo

A website owned by Electronic Arts surely speaks a lot about its potential. Most of the sites revenue comes from advertisements and you don't have to shell out a single penny to play here. It has a huge collection of casual games - from card & board to puzzle, words and sports games.

To have a clean interface without advertisements you can opt for a premium account which offers more features. Pogo prizes are available to US, UK and Canadian residents.

There are some more sites that have been covered in my previous posts, which pay you to search and play. You may not get rich with them, but you will make money while having fun. Something people always wish for...

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