5 Best Alternatives To BuySellAds

5 Best Alternatives To BuySellAds

Its no secret that blogging has evolved into a profession, blogs are no longer personal diaries. People are constantly looking for monetization ways, and why not? If you contribute enough to help people then you deserve to make money from it.

Advertising is the primary source of income for bloggers, and there are numerous Ad companies to help you earn money from your blog. The best is BuySellAds.

What is BuySellAds?


BuySellAds is one of the best Advertising networks out there having thousands of advertisers lined up to sponsor banner ads on your blog. Most of the top blogs use BSA and earn huge amount of money each month. Advertisers search for relevant blogs with high traffic to promote their products. They pay BSA to buy the ad slot on a particular blog. The publisher gets 75% commission for each sold ad space. However, its difficult to enroll your blog there if it does not qualify their strict requirements.

I have come up with some of the best alternatives to BuySellAds to get you going:

1. BlogAds
BlogAds is also one of the top alternatives to BuySellAds. Many established blogs use their services to fetch advertisers. BlogAds charges 30% commission from each sale.

2. OIOpublisher
OIOpublisher is perhaps the best alternative to BSA. It offers a plugin that can be installed on your blog. The plugin costs $47, but its worth the money.

3. AdEngage
AdEngage is an established marketplace with thousands of advertisers and publishers using their services. They allow sub domain level blogs.

4. AdvertiseSpace
AdverticeSpace does not require a top level domain. You can sell ads on your free blog and make money.

5. AdSella
AdSella has recently joined the bandwagon and quickly gained popularity. They may not have the best advertisers unlike BSA and BlogAds, but definitely a place to try if your blog is new.

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