How and Why to Disable Facebook Subscriptions

How and Why to Disable Facebook Subscriptions

The Facebook Subscribe option allows you to receive updates from anybody that has this feature enabled. This may look exciting if you receive updates, but could destroy your privacy if others apart from your friends and family subscribes to your updates. It often opens doors for hackers.

By enabling subscriptions, you are allowing anybody to access your private information. If this seems to be interfering with your privacy, try disabling it now.

Follow the steps below to disable Facebook subscriptions:

1. Login to Your Facebook account.

2. Go to "Account settings" and select "Subscribers" from the left sidebar.
disable facebook subscribe option
3. Uncheck the "Allow Subscribers" check-box to disable others from receiving your Facebook updates.

Disabling Facebook subscription will stop others apart from your friends from peeping into your profile updates, and steal private information that could be used to spam your email inbox.

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