Use your Social Media Influence to make Money

Use your Social Media Influence to make Money

If you aren't aware of making money using your twitter following, then try exploring these online social avenues to get paid. Its not a secret anymore, but it's always good to remind people.

Websites that pay for your social influence:

1. Sponsored Tweets: Just like the name, you post tweets sponsored by advertisers. It can add up to your income, if you have a good twitter following. I have already covered this topic in my previous post.


2. Mylikes: Similar to Sponsored tweets, however, the Mylikes looks slightly complicated for a newbie to understand. Nevertheless, its a popular site with good number of sponsors lined up to pay you. But the downside is, most sponsors prefer US citizens. A non-US citizen will get only a handful of offers.

Mylikes make money tweeting

3. Magpie: Some say it works great, some don't. I live that up to you to decide, but the choice is simple. Sponsored Tweets has acquired Magpie and you don't have to decide anymore, so no choice.

There are lot of people making a decent amount of money through social media. If you have a huge fan following on Twitter and a strong social media influence, and would like convert it into a passive income, then signup on the above mentioned websites to tweet for your sponsors and make money.

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