Top 5 Places for Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 Places for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the best ways to monetize to your blog. Although, not that easy to execute. With some research and creativity that doesn't seem hard either. You earn by recommending a product using affiliate links, when someone buys a product you get commission from that sale.

List of top 5 places to start your affiliate Marketing business:

1. Amazon Associates
Amazon is one of the top affiliate marketing company. Whether you have a new blog with less traffic, an average blog or a top blog, Amazon has a solution for you. Majority of the websites use promote their products and most importantly you can rely on Amazon.

amazon associates

2. Ebay Partner Program
At Ebay, you can buy anything you could probably think of, it offers wide a range of products that you can sell. Just send quality traffic to their site and make money. Another top affiliate website.
sell ebay products and make money

3. Commission Junction
CJ as we know it, has many recognized brands to back their words. You will surely find a fit here. It also has many other features to keep track of your marketing campaigns. Smart links is something that I personally liked.
commission junction

4. Clickbank
Clickbank has a huge collection of digital products. If you have a technology related blog or website then this is the best place to start with. Clickbank commissions can go up to 75% per sale.


5. Google Affiliate Network
Payments are sent directly to your adsense account, and you don't have to worry about payments, its Google.
google affiliate network

Market products that you don't own to make money.

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