Shortcut Keys For Your Favorite Social Media Networks

Shortcut Keys For Your Favorite Social Media Networks

We have been using Social Media for a while now, but this post is mainly for power users. Some users spend hours on these social networking sites, and its very important to know the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts to make navigation a lot easier. Even though you're power user, you probably aren't really aware that these sites have their own shortcut keys.
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Here is a list of the most commonly used shortcut keys for two of the most popular social networks


If you're using Firefox, you'll have to add and extra Shift key before the following combinations. For Internet Explorer, just press Enter after the combination.

  Key             Function

Alt + 0     Facebook Help Center
Alt + 1     home page
Alt + 2     Timeline
Alt + 3     See friends requests
Alt + 4     message inbox
Alt + 5     See all notifications
Alt + 6     Account Settings
Alt + 7     Privacy Settings
Alt + 8     Facebook's Profile Page
Alt + 9     Facebook's Terms of Service
Alt + M    Compose new message
Alt + /      Main site search


Twitter has simple keyboard shortcuts, you can access the complete list in Twitter by pressing ? key.

F              Favorite
L             Close all open Tweets
M            New direct message
N             New Tweet
R             Reply
T              Retweet
Enter       Open Tweet Details

?             List of all shortcuts
J             Next Tweet
K            Previous Tweet
Space    Page down
/              Search
.(dot)       load new Tweets

G + A      Activity
G + C      Connect
G + D      Discover
G + F      Favorites
G + H      Home
G + L      Lists
G + M     Messages
G + P      Profiles
G + R      Mentions
G + S      Settings
G + U     Go to user

Using these shortcut keys will let you easily navigate from one page to another. It may take sometime to get used to them, but its worth your time. After all, you're a Social Media power user.

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