Tips to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

Tips to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

hack facebook accountWith 1 Billion users, Facebook is literally a second home for hackers. They are constantly in the hunt of users who can easily fall prey to their tricks. Protect your information and be safe.

How could they leave the number one social network from doing their dirty business? Once hacked, all your private information will be stolen. Thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked everyday and you could be the next one. Frankly speaking, Facebook does all that it can to protect accounts from being hacked.


Simple tips to stay safe by protecting your FB account:

Create a strong password

Weak password is an invitation to hackers. Never use passwords which contain your name, phone number or any other identifiable words. Try to make it long, use numbers and special characters.

Use Secure Browsing

Activate secure browsing to keep your account safe and encrypted.

Go to Account Settings -> Security and select HTTPS.

End Active Sessions

This feature allows you to see the locations from where your account is being accessed. It helps in tracking any suspicious activities that may have happened without your knowledge. You’ll find this option in the same “Security” page.

Add Your Mobile Phone Number

Never ignore this step. It is likely that a hacker will change your Facebook password once he gains control of it. Adding your phone number will always let you regain access to your account. Just go to Account Settings -> Mobile and follow the instructions.

Activate Login Approvals

Activating login approvals will make sure add more security to your account. It will require a user to enter a code before signing in.

Uncheck “Keep me logged in”

If you access Facebook from multiple devices, try leaving this option unchecked.

Log Out

People are smart enough these days and never forget to Log out. If you thought logging out is not necessary? You may get hacked.

Delete Cookies to keep hackers at distance

If you are accessing your profile from an Internet cafe or any other place, make sure you delete cookies. This will delete all the active sessions and protect you from being hacked. In fact, you don’t even have to log out if you delete all cookies.

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