Make Money From Your Blog With Text-Link-Ads

Make Money From Your Blog With Text-Link-Ads

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Every blogger desires to make money from his blog. And there are many different ways that I have already covered in my previous posts. Today, I'll discuss about Text-Link-Ads, a unique marketplace to buy and sell links.

As a blogger, you can either choose to be an advertiser or a publisher, you gain both ways.

Advertisers buy ad spaces to display text links on other blogs for a specific price set by TLA. This helps in getting better exposure to your blog along with referral traffic.

Publishers on the other hand, sell ad space to display sponsored links on their blogs and make money.

How does Text-Link-Ads price ads?

They use their own algorithm to that considers various factors like site traffic, backlinks, pagerank and the overall design of your blog. After setting the price, TLA requires you to paste a small piece of code on your blog to serve links.

Which blogs qualify for Text-Link-Ads?

There aren't any clear set of guidelines as to what qualifies your blog. However, your websites Alexa rank does play a vital role. Its also important that you regularly post content and have quality backlinks. TLA does follow a strict review process.

Payment method

TLA pays via PayPal, so make sure you have a PayPal account well in advance.

There are many people who earn over $500 - $1000 per month just from Text-Link-Ads. You too can expect to achieve those figures, provided you have a quality blog with some traffic. The best thing about TLA is that they pay flat rate, which means you don't have to worry about CTR(click-through-rate). Sell ad once and get paid monthly.

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