Make Money by Contributing Articles and Tutorials

Make Money by Contributing Articles and Tutorials

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Writing tutorials may seem to be a daunting task but believe me there is lot more money than you think. Many people have taken this route to get exposure and build a steady source of income. You too can use your writing skills and make a good amount of money.

The 25 websites listed below pay you to contribute an article.You can earn anywhere between $50 to as high as $900 depending on the quality of your work.

Here is the list of article and tutorial writing sites:

If you're a Photoshop expert who can create some interesting tutorials based on your experience using the latest version, then you should try PSD Tuts+. It has a comprehensive collections of Photoshop tutorials. You can get anything from $50 to $150 .

This is a web design blog where you can submit tuts on web design or programming. Based on the post  type you'll get $30 for lists, and $50-$100 for tuts. If you own a blog, you can include a link back to it.

TutsPlus is an Envato marketplace which allows you to sell tutorials. Unlike others, people download your tuts in the form of PDF, video or audio files. The more number of downloads equals more income.

If you don't like the idea of writing design tutorials and wish to contribute for general audience, then you should probably try your hands at this one. You get $25 for a 250 words, $40 for a 400 words and $50 for a 800 words article.

Pro Blog Design pays $100 for list posts and $125 for complicated articles. They also allow you to link back to your blog which in itself is worth more than anything (if you're a blogger).

Writers Weekly is an online publication which has paid subscribers. You can get anything between $40 to $60 each time your content is accepted.

1stWebDesigner is a highly reputed and resourceful web design blogs online. You will get $50-$75 per tutorial on 1stWebDesigner.

At One Spoon at a Time, you can submit posts from these categories - Writing, Blogging, Marketing and Product Creation. A fixed rate of $50 will be paid upon approval.

If Photoshop is an integral part of your life than composing a tutorial on it wouldn't be a big deal.

WPWebHost is a web hosting company, but also pays $100 to write quality content on Wordpress on their website.

You guessed it, write on make money ways and get $50 per each accepted post.

If you're an extreme Adobe fanatic and care to share posts about it, then TheTechLabs will happily pay you $50-$75 per approved article.

Contribute tutorials that revolve around vector art and earn up to $150 upon approval.

Posts about small business or on money matters to get $50 per 400 - 1,000 word post.

You get $25 for a short article, $350 for a 1,000 words, and up to $900 for a 5,000 words bulletin upon approval. Considering the pay, the competition looks pretty stiff.

If you look at the traffic stats of Smashing Magazine I bet you'll be awe struck. A quality post is sure to get a decent amount here.

They pay $0.10 per word and payments are sent via check.

It ranks high for almost every keyword and is one of the top tech blogs. As an author, you get enough exposure to get direct job offers if your content is published here.

Metro Parent is a publication magazine that accepts content on parenting. You get $35-$250 depending on the quality and length of the article.

If coding is your area of expertise, then head towards to Net Tuts+. It pays $150 for quality posts.

20. Pxleyes
Pxleyes pays $200 for design based articles. With that amount of pay, you sure don't have to check their traffic stats.

Sitepoint is one of the top web development websites, and pays a flat rate of $100 per article. However, it needs to be over 1,500 words.

At HV Designs, you can easily make $125 per post by contributing quality articles on designing.

You get $50 per article and up to $160 for complex content.

A design based blog that pays writers $100 per approved posts.

Another design based blog where you can contribute quality content and make money.

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