Tips to improve your Blog/Websites Loading Time

Tips to improve your Blog/Websites Loading Time

Surfing the Internet could get boring if websites take hours to load(literally). What if your blog is one of them? It will not only affect visitors bounce rate but also SEO, eventually bringing down your site in search results.

improve website load time

Simple tips to improve your blogs load time and make navigation quick and easy:

1. Re-size images before you upload them

Images consume a lot of space and take more time to load. Re-size them using any image editing tool or use an online image editing tool.

2. Avoid Javascripts and Flash Files reduce your websites loading time

Javascripts and Flash files will drastically increase your blogs loading time, as they need to transfer data from another location which adds to the pain. Do not fill up your template with unnecessary scripts unless required.

3. Reduce External Linking

Bloggers often find it exciting to list their favorite blogs. But it doesn't matter how many websites you like, majority of your readers are interested in what you have to offer not someone else.

4. Use HTML links to display ads

Of course, this too adds to your websites load time, however, they are considerably faster unlike ads that use Javascripts.

5. Keep it simple

Just like books, blogs too are more readable with a light background. Don't mess up template with too many design tweaks.

6. Stop using Free third party templates on Blogger

Blogger templates are simple and very straight forward w.r.t. efficiency. There are hundreds of sites offering free templates. Most of them never use code standards and while the template may look great, you lose out on speed.

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