How To Sell Your Artwork And Make Money

How To Sell Your Artwork And Make Money

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Is it possible to make money online by selling artwork? This post could change the way you perceived this profession.

An artist has a creative mind and every time he produces an artwork it reflects his inner thoughts that are kept isolated otherwise. There is a lot of demand for such masterpieces and that's how they are sold for millions of dollars. But what about those who find it hard to market their work? And who want to sell their masterpieces online?

I have listed two such websites where you can sell your paintings, sketches and drawings and make a good amount of money. You may one day be able to sell your art for a whopping amount of money and probably get rich. You should also use these channel to show your art and network with people to get more exposure. Online marketplaces also help you improve your skills by comparing your work with others.

Websites to sell your artwork:


FineArtAmerica great place to sell your sketches and paintings. They also offer other services like framing the paintings, printing them on canvas etc. They offer unique ways to show your art with your own price tags. Some amount of the sale price goes to the website.There are hundreds of sales taking place each day, and if you're are smart guy, making money wouldn't take much time.

Image Kind is a website dedicated to artwork and pays 100% commission on each sale. They also sell artworks printed on T-shirts, posters, mugs and other gift items.

To get best results, try to understand what makes people buy art. Learn different ways to present and show your work, set reasonable price tags. And you will soon see your luck changing. 

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