How to Protect your Email from Spam

How to Protect your Email from Spam

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We often share our email id's with our friends and family, but we also share it in forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other sites which is a come reason to fill up our email inbox with spam mails. Bots gather these addresses to send frivolous messages.

You may not be able to get rid of them but certainly reduce the number of spam mails and protect it from further damage:

Tips to protect emails accounts from being spammed:

It converts your email id into a CAPTCHA image, it also provides a separate link that can be used on forums and blogs. Only real people can open the link.

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EIG creates an icon displaying your email id which can be used anywhere. Just enter the id, select the provider and click generate. Use that link in forums, social networks and blogs.

spam protection icon generator creates a short link of your email id. To view your id, the person needs to clear a simple test that bots fail.

Hidetext converts text as well as emails into images. A nice and easy protection from spam bots.

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