6 Best Places to Sell Graphic Designs

6 Best Places to Sell Graphic Designs

There are hundreds of places where you can sell your designs. All you need is some Photoshop skills and a little creativity.

List of some of the best places to sell your graphic designs:

1. Graphicriver
Offers premium quality graphic files and its one of the top marketplace - Flyers, 3D models, illustrations, logos, icons, fonts, brushes and anything that gets through their review. Authors are eligible to receive 40% to 70% of every sale. The top author has earned between 100,000 to 250,000 just under two years time. The exact figures are not disclosed. How did he make that money? Just by selling flyers, his flyers have been downloaded over 25,000 times. If one flyer cost is $7 then 7x25000=$175,000.


2. TextureVault
You can sell textures and get a fixed 60% commission from each sale.

texturevault sell textures

3. Deviantart
An online community website with lots of traffic. It allows you to showcase your work in their gallery for sale. Buyers can purchase your work as it is or get them printed on products like T-shirts, mugs, stickers and posters etc.


Primarily specializes in vector graphics. You can submit images, designs, icons, and illustrations. You get 25% to 30% from each sale.

make money selling stock on VectorStock

5. ActiveDen
An Envato company, you can sell Flash files. So if you're a Flash designer or know something about it, this is the place you should start with.

Activeden flash and flex files

6. Graphic Leftovers
Offers 52% commission on prices you set yourself. Anything that wasn't accepted on other marketplaces can be sold here. A good deal for your unsold stuff.

graphicleftovers sell anything

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