How to Make Money on Textbroker for a Living

How to Make Money on Textbroker for a Living

Writing articles online will help you earn a good amount of money in short time, Textbroker is a great place to begin with.
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It’s difficult to find online freelance writing jobs that really pay and that you could depend on for a regular income. We often count on a few ad clicks here and there to add up, but that requires a lot of hard work. Textbroker is a website that pays you good money for writing articles, at least higher than other sites. Clients post their requirements and you get to choose offers the way you like.


Steps to register on Textbroker and earn by writing articles:

1. Go to Click on the “Authors” tab, and then “new registration” for new authors.

2. Enter your basic contact info, select your areas of expertise, and create a password.

3. Finish up the signup process by accepting their Terms and Conditions.

4. You’ll have to submit a sample article having 90-120 words. This will be reviewed by Textbroker editors before you’re accepted. It will also decide your writing level – 2, 3 or 4 stars. The better your rating, the better pay you get per word. Top level authors are rated 5 stars and revive the highest pay. Writing a short sample article should not take much time, the topics are pretty easy to write about.

5. Once your sample article is approved, you will receive a notification email.

6. Start browsing through the various categories and topics posted by clients. Choose an assignment and follow the instructions properly, or be prepared to see your article rejected or to re-write it. Your first 5 articles will be reviewed, after which you can write as many as possible.

7. Once your work is accepted by the client, you’ll see the amount reflected in your account. You’ll need a PayPal account to withdraw earned money.

8. Try to improve your ratings to make more money. There is no limit on how much you can earn. So start now.


  1. Any other alternatives you would recommend? I like writing gadget/tech related articles. Thanks for all the awesome blog posts btw.

    1. is a similar alternative to TextBroker and allows anyone to register, regardless of the country.


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