How to Increase your Internet Speed instantly

How to Increase your Internet Speed instantly

fast internet browsingIn this post, I will show you how to quickly increase your Internet speed and utilize the unused bandwidth reserved by Windows.

Internet speed is often a concern for people using slow connections - browsing at a crawling speed, downloads that never finish. Few people still use them, however there is a quick fix to increase that speed by 20% without any major modifications. But how?

Steps for Windows XP users to increase Internet speed instantly:

1.    Open the Start Menu and click on RUN.

2.    Type gpedit.msc

3.    From the Pop up window, expand the "Administrative Templates" link under "Computer Configuration".

4.    Expand the "Network tab" by clicking on the + symbol.

5.    Now Click on "QoS Packet Scheduler".

6.    Double click on the fourth option “Limit reservable bandwidth”.

7.    Select the Enabled radio button and set the Bandwidth Limit (%) to 0.

8.    Click Ok. You’re good to go.

By default, Windows reserves 20% of your Internet Bandwidth for system related updates. Setting the bandwidth to zero allows you to utilize that amount. You will see a drastic increase in speed by following this method.

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