How to Increase Facebook Likes for Free

How to Increase Facebook Likes for Free

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A Facebook page could be of no use without much Likes. Everything depends on the number of fans, it shows the reach of your product or website. The number one social network has quickly become one of the major tools of marketing. With 1 billion users, majority of the businesses and brands have Facebook fan page regardless of whether they are Startups or established brands.

It's easy to setup a Fan page, but to attract the first few Facebook likes is perhaps the most difficult part. That's why businesses choose to buy likes initially, it helps them increase their fans in a no time. Of course, this requires money, but what about small brands or blogs who can't pay? How do they increase their Facebook Likes? There are few secret tools to achieve this for free, and I would be sharing just that.

Here's how you get free Facebook likes instantly:

1. Getbyhit

Register on Getbyhit and add your FB fan page.  Earn points by liking fan pages of other users, these points can then be assigned to your Facebook page. You also earn 100 points daily just for visiting this site.

2. Addmefast

Similar to Getbyhit, however, you need to be an active user to earn free 100 points daily. Addmefast promises to provide real likes and works better then Getbyhit.

This is a great way to increase your Facebook likes in a very short span of time. It won't take much of your time. However, do not try to overuse this service and spam.

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  1. Getbyhit asks for us to login and approve their app. Its better to create seperate facebook account and do those things.


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