How To Bypass Internet blocks

How To Bypass Internet blocks

If you desperately need to visit a website, but your ISP has blocked it for some ridiculous reasons then you can try bypassing these Internet blocks to reach your desired site.
proxy server to bypass internet blocks
Proxy Servers also help in terms of security by protecting your computer's private information.

Here's how you bypass Internet blocks:

Proxy Website

There are many services available to circumvent Internet blocks and one popular amongst them is The name itself is self explanatory, it just hides you behind of course. It has its own list of IP's: anonymous emails, port proxies, anonymous referral services etc.

Other popular services to bypass Internet Blocks:

Browser Plugins

They help you access a website without having to actually visit it. These plugins can be switched on and off as and when required.

Proxi Switchy: Its a popular plugin which lets you setup multiple proxies. Hidemyass can also be used as a browser plugin to snoop into websites.

FoxyProxy: Its an advanced tool for Firefox browser allowing you to automatically switch from one proxy to another.

Convert it to PDF

These services convert the whole website into a PDF file, allowing you to download that file saving a lot of Internet bandwidth (considering the number of pages you may browse on a website). This saves you from clicking various links on the websites.

Popular ones:

Setup your own proxy server

If you aren't really happy using one of the above services, then you may setup your own private proxy server. This may be for your friends and family. There are hell lot of tutorials on the Internet to help you do this.

Next time your ISP blocks any website, you know how to bypass them.

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