How Page Load Time Affects SEO and How to Tackle it

How Page Load Time Affects SEO and How to Tackle it

Your blog's load time is an important factor when it comes to search engine optimization. Search engines often ignore sites and pages that take more time to load. Crawlers have very less time to scan your entire blog and collect all the information within that period. If your blog keeps loading, it will force crawlers to collect limited data.
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This may also increase your blog's bounce rate, sending away majority of your visitors. Nobody would wish to stay on a webpage that takes hours to load (literally).

So how to make blog pages load faster?

Here's how:

1. Never display more than 5 posts on your blog's homepage. The higher the number the longer it takes to load.
2. Bloggers default widgets are more SEO friendly.
3. Use third party widgets only if its necessary.
4. Re-size images before uploading.
5. Don't mess up your blog template with unnecessary JavaScript. If need be, try to put them at the bottom of the template.
6. Do not add Alexa widget on your blog. Alexa widget often puts your blog into an infinite loading loop.

These are some of the basic points to remember to keep your blog from losing life(if at all).


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