How many Real Facebook Friends do you have?

How many Real Facebook Friends do you have?

facebookHaving thousands of Facebook friends was once a trend, which has gradually faded out with time. How many of your Facebook friends were or are real? How many were acquaintances or strangers? And mostly importantly fake?

It once used to represent a person's social status - more the number of friends, the more your popularity. Its seldom perceived to be true nowadays, however, few people still believe in this equation. But those who have realized that most of their FB friends were fake, have moved on wisely with Facebook pages.

By making thousands of friends you're actually setting up a honey trap for yourself. Unless, you're a celebrity, it is unlikely to have that number. Even celebrities have moved on to Fan Pages now. According to a research, on an average a user has 150-250 real Facebook friends, which includes acquaintances. The remaining are more likely to be fake or spam accounts. Hackers are clever enough to keep track of account that are public and attack them.

Clearly, you're inviting trouble by making fake friends. This was the reason why thousands of Facebook accounts were hacked in the past. The situation seems to be under control now, since people have realized this.

Fan Pages can be used to promote your products or blogs and there is no need to make fake friends. Today, the Social Network is far more safe, provided you make real friends and stop inflating your popularity meter. Its a way to connect with your loved ones not hackers.

Buying likes is a new trend now - fake or real who cares?

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