How to Find who Deleted/ Unfriended you on Facebook?

How to Find who Deleted/ Unfriended you on Facebook?

Who deleted  me on Facebook? Friends disappear from your Facebook's friend list time after time and you hardly have any clue. It could be possible that they deactivated or deleted their account or probably removed you from their friends list. The most common reason is unfriending. But how do you find this out?

who deleted or unfriended me on facebook

This Facebook app will backup your whole friend list during registration, and notify you when there is a change in your friend list by email. We are often left clueless most of the time. is a nice way to keep track of your Facebook Friend list and find out who's secretly dumping you.

In most cases, it could be your Ex who doesn't want to keep any relations with you, or a friend who wasn't worthy of your friendship - how sad?. Bring out the Secret Agent within you and keep an eye on the latest changes. Maybe you were unfriended right now? Just a thought...

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