Crowdsoursing Sites - Genuine Vs. Scam

Crowdsoursing Sites - Genuine Vs. Scam

Crowdsourcing is a lucrative option for people who need quick bucks. You get paid to do simple tasks at a pretty low price. By doing a number of mini-tasks it can add up to a decent amount of income.

There are hundreds of Crowdsourcing sites out there, some are genuine but majority of them are scams.

genuine and scam sites

I have categorized them based on my own experience.


Genuine Crowdsourcing sites:

1. mTurk: Perform jobs posted by other people (Requesters) and earn small amount of cash. If you complete 50-100 jobs per hour, you can easily earn $2-$5/hr. Frankly speaking, the tasks take more time to complete than said. However, some claim to make $50-$100 per day (hard to believe though). You get paid via bank transfer(US), Check(India) and Amazon Gift Certificate(Rest of the World).

3. Fiverr: Offer mini-tasks you're willing to do and get $5 for each completed task.

4. TaskArmy: Similar to Fiverr, but allows you to set your own price.

5. Fittytown: Another site like Fiverr, however, tasks are more complex and upscale. You get a fixed $40 or $50 per gig.

6. ClickWorker: I have posted a review of this site.

7. Pickydomains: This site specializes in naming things. Suggest a name for a website, product and even slogans. They pay 40 - 60% commission per sale.

8. IdeaBounty: Sell an awesome idea and get paid. An idea can change your life.

9. Mylot: Its more like a social network where you get paid to interact with other members by posting replies on forums, uploading images and so on.

Scam Crowdsourcing Sites:

1. Microworkers: Similar to mTurk, but most of the tasks are spam. They don't even verify your email, it looks bogus.

2. MinuteWorkers: Well, they have few tasks but none of them where paid after completion. So don't waste your time here.

3. Shorttask: Shorttask claims to have thousands of tasks to complete, only to find out after registration that they have a handful of spam tasks. Surely you won't get paid.

4. Rapidworkers: I haven't tried this, but looks similar to all the above listed scam sites.

Its up to you to decide which crowdsourcing sites you would go with. My job was to inform you people about genuine sites. All the best!

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