6 Best Paid Review Sites You Should Try

6 Best Paid Review Sites You Should Try

Writing paid reviews will certainly boost your income in two ways. Firstly, you'll make money from your blog. Secondly, if you're running out of post ideas, simply go to any of these sites, select a product to review - you have a brand new post . However, some sites require your blog to be more established or a highly authorized blog in a particular niche, but its not difficult you work hard.


Some of the best paid review sites:

1. Payperpost
Payperpost is one of the best and leading paid review site with huge number of advertisers lined up to sponsor your posts.

2. Social Spark
Social Spark and Payperpost are owned by the same company IZEA. Lot of features are similar, however, Social Spark has an additional feature that allows you to display CPM(Cost Per Thousand Visits) ads on your blog. This is a nice way to monetize your blog apart from paid posts. The only catch is you need to have Google Analytics installed in your blog and a minimum of 2000 pageviews per month to qualify for IZEA Media ads. 

3. Sponsored Reviews
They have a simple and user friendly interface. Advertisers post their requirements and bloggers bid for them, whoever qualifies takes the bid. 

4. Blogging Ads
You can write sponsored reviews or display one time ads to make money.

5. Linkworth
Linkworth is definitely one of the best paid review sites which also helps you build quality backlinks to optimize your blog. However, it doesn't support Blogger blogs.

6. PayU2blog
Another great site with various product categories to review and get paid.

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