5 Best iPhone 5 Optimized Games You Can Afford

5 Best iPhone 5 Optimized Games You Can Afford

Not long since the launch of iPhone 5 and we see developers competing to bring the best games. You may have sunk-in the smartphones new features, but the larger screen is a gift to hardcore gamers. So why not check some of the best to make things exciting?

Here's the list of best iPhone 5 optimized games:

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99)

Minecraft Pocket edition for iphone 5
This game has been updated with lots of elements that were missing in the previous versions which includes chests to store things and scary creepers that explode to make it more exciting. It has been optimized for iPhone 5's larger screen size.

2. Horn ($6.99)

Horn iPhone 5
A brave young hero needs to save his village from evils trying to destroy everything that's on their way. He certainly has to battle with monsters to protect the kingdom from falling into ashes. With graphics unarguably one of the best for a smartphone app, you can afford to get this one.

3. Jetpack Joyride (Best Free iPhone 5 game)

Jetpack Joyride
Oh I did mention this game in my previous posts but it cannot be left out by any means. Though its a free game, you will enjoy the ride throughout the play, navigating through labs, defeating those evil scientists who are always at your back. Make the most out of it.

4. Asphalt 7: Heat ($0.99)

Asphalt 7 Heat
This is a monster of a game to all those racing fanatics, one of the best I have played. With all the graphics and stunning visuals you dare not to play this. The amazing user experience will thrill you, along with 60 licensed cars which includes Ferrari to boost your adrenaline levels. You definitely need to try this game.

5. Blast-A-Way ($4.99)

A unique 3d puzzle game with great visual elements to make your iPhone 5 more interesting (kill your boredom). Guide your robots through a series of tests destroying obstacles with explosives to make way.

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