10 Crazy Things to Avoid on Facebook

10 Crazy Things to Avoid on Facebook

It's quite easy to forget things you see or share on your Facebook Timeline. We often try to post updates seeking attention from friends and expect to get hundreds of likes. This sure is a great thought to have, but not really practical if you post everything you do offline.

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What might look good to you may disliked by others. You friends may secretly block their profile from receiving your tacky status updates or completely avoid you in real life. Think about it.

Here are 10 crazy things to avoid to maintain your dignity on Facebook:

1. Internet slang that make you look cool

Ironically, majority of the people use slang terms to portray their cool personality. This sure does make sense, but over usage of these terms will force your friends to unsubscribe you. People post a photo and you reply with - "lol (laughing out loud)" and "SI (stop it, stupid idiot)". Well, your friend expects to get honest replies, not your hackneyed over used slang. You may enjoy them, not your friends.

2. Frequently changing your relationship status

I can understand, if you have gone through a real breakup. But constantly changing your relationship status just to annoy your Ex? You may be successfully doing this, but for the rest of your friends it would be unflattering.

3. Posting your own close-ups every now and then

You may enjoy watching yourself in front of the mirror, and your first couple of close-ups may get hundreds of Facebook likes. Keep posting the same crazy thing and one day you'll see zero likes.

4. Sharing things not worth reading

Useful information is always appreciated no matter if it's on your blog or a social network. However, some of us share everything they are subscribed to. This will unnecessarily flood your friends timeline. I would be surprised if they don't unsubscribe from your updates.

5. Over usage of emoticons

"I lost my smartphone" and you reply ":(". That's definitely not the best way to offer condolences to your grieving Facebook friend.

6. Posting emotional status updates when you're sad

Its fine to occasionally post sad quotes, but trust me nobody is interested in knowing how many problems you have? All are busy with their lives.

7. Tagging friends to get more Facebook likes

Unnecessarily tagging friends to photos which are humorous in your view could put them in an embarrassing position. The tagged images show under their timeline which means your friends would see it too, forcing them to disable tagging.

8. Quotes reflect your personality

You may disagree with this, but quotes do inspire people and also build a strong impression about your character. Avoid it if you're clever enough or at least cut down the numbers to a crazy figure.

9. Forcing others to like your Facebook posts

Posting "I know only my true friends will like this and share it" will only force others to ignore it. You're actually spamming their timeline by begging for likes. You may literally end up getting dislikes if its ever implemented by fb.

10. Sending App invites

Send invites to Facebook users who you think would be interested, not all. App invitations often annoy users, and they are more likely to ignore your next invite(could be your marriage ceremony).

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