10 Blog Post Ideas to Get You Going

10 Blog Post Ideas to Get You Going

Blogging becomes more difficult if you run out of post ideas. You don't have much to write, you won't get much readers. Frequently posting fresh content could mean stress, and lot of stress. If you're relying completely on your blog revenue, then you got to come up with quality posts to attract readers.
blog post ideas

The following blog post ideas will help you fill your blog with some fresh content.


1. How-to articles

Majority of Internet users search for how-to articles, they need instant solution to help complete a task.

2. List Posts

Write a list post just about anything that comes to your mind. They are bound to attract traffic, if you think its worth people's time, then it is. 10 cool tips, 50 best places, 5 ways to make money etc. Something that suits your blog's topic.

3. Post  Reviews

Write a review about a product or a website on your blog. Make sure you post an honest review.  Following suggestions could come handy:
Tourist Spots

You may also choose to write a sponsored review and get paid for it.

4. Current Events

Pick a news headline and find out the latest happenings. Be the first to write about it.

5. Photos

"A picture is worth thousand words", post a cool photo that relates to your blog topic.

6. Tips

Offer quick tips that worked for you. People seek tested formulas to get their work done.

7. Link Roundup

Create a list which points to external websites where readers can get better information. List of some of the best tutorials online or 10 best software tools. Make sure you add a nofollow tag to them.

8. Contests on your blog

Start a contest on your blog and offer goodies. Contests can help you write several posts like announcements, updates and winner post.

9. Answer Reader Questions

Go through the comments left by readers and see if you can answer questions in a new post. Come up with innovative ideas.

10. Videos posts

Share informative videos from YouTube.

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