10 Best Ways to Unblock Websites

10 Best Ways to Unblock Websites

Has your company blocked access to some of your favorite websites? Want to know how to unblock them? Don't worry you can visit them using some of the techniques outlined below:
ways to unblock website 

1. Use web proxies

There are hundreds of tools online that allow you to unblock websites. Proxy servers act as a medium between the user and the actual server to hide user information and add protection. Some of the web proxies are Hidemyass.com, Anonymouse.org and Proxy.org.

2. Use Hide IP

If you're looking for a solution to hide your IP address in order to break into a blocked website, then you should prefer using this services HideMyIP

3. Use VPN connections to unblock websites

Virtual Private Network or VPN as we know it, are more secure and advanced networks. It basically encrypts information sent over the Internet to provide increased security while allowing you to access all the applications anonymously. Hotshot Shield is one of the most commonly used VPN service.

4. Use Firefox add-ons

There are enough Firefox add-ons that go hand in hand with above services and make it more simple. You can switch On and Off as and when needed.

5. Use Google Translate

Use Google Translate to access or unblock a website. Just paste the link of the site in the translate field.

6. Use Internet Archive

Archive.org allows you to access archived versions of websites using Wayback Machine.

7. Using Google cache

This method does not unblock a website, instead displays the cached version of a webpage. Type cache:http://www.example.com.

8. Use Web2Mail service

Web2Mail emails you webpages whenever they are updated with new content. You decide what information is sent to you.

9. Use https instead of http in URL

Sometimes changing the http in an URL to https allows you to access websites that are blocked. This may not work every time.

10. Use IP address

Find the IP address of a website using Ping command. Go to command prompt and type "ping example.com". Use the IP address instead of the URL.

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